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Both of these scenarios are, in their own way, satisfying stories to tell. It's completely embarrassing to have to confess to friends over lunch or drinks, "Well, he didn't actually make it." Sympathetic and pitying glances are thrown your way.The flow of conversation inevitably floats to why you would be stood up, and every possible insecurity that you have tried to overcome suddenly re-emerges in your psyche, stronger than it ever had been before.Fox is still ordering pilots for its comedies to test cast chemistry, but they’re greenlighting pilots with more serious ambitions to turn them into comedies this season.

Or the datee gets to recount a horrible evening and share humorous and cringe-worthy details (e.g.

"he actually ate a piece of leftover food from a neighbouring table's plate after the customers left.").

05/04/2017 A teenager convicted of wielding a 'zombie-killer' knife has been imprisoned.

04/04/2017 A man who shouted homophobic abuse at a walker to scare him off Barnes Common and assaulted another man has been sentenced to an 18-month community order.

27/03/2017 A convicted money launderer has been ordered to pay back more than £700,000 after his attempt to have the debt written off was rejected by the Court of Appeal today (27 Mar).

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