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At least, that's what PETA -- the organization created to remind you that animals are people -- would like.

For, never fond of being retiring, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has launched its brand, um, spanking, new site.

at the time of the photography All pictures are presented by third parties by thier good will.


Instead, the organization also welcomes regular Joes and Janes to visit the new site and volunteer to go naked at local animal rights demonstrations.

PETA has also launched other shocking campaigns in recent months.

Now, the group has pulled out all the stops by launching, a site featuring adult content and animal rights messages, all in one place.

Scroll down to see past PETA photos (WARNING: SOME IMAGES CONTAIN EXPLICIT CONTENT) "[T]his is the perfect example of sex just being used to draw interest, and then once you're there on the site, we're going to hit you with facts that you need to know about the world of animals," adult-film legend Ron Jeremy said in a Q&A video.

But I just got an email from my domain name registrar, Dotster, informing me of how important it is to have a .

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