intimidating and victim and sexual abuse - Xp not updating group policy

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Key: HKLM\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\Usb Stor Value: Start Data: 4 (hex) = Disabled Data: 3 (hex) = Enabled This time edit a Group Policy Object that is applied to all the workstations in your organisation navigate to Computer Configuration File System. Navigate to C:\Windows\Inf and select “Usbstor.inf” and press “OK”.

Now click on “Users” in the security tab and then click in the “Deny” “Full Control” tick box then click OK. Note: Remember that deny permission take precedence so inherited permission will not have any affect and that we are applying the permission directly to a file so we don’t need to worry about inheritance from this object.

Update: I just found this article explains how use native Group Policy to disable you USB drives.

Microsoft Support: HOWTO: Use Group Policy to disable USB, CD-ROM, Floppy Disk and LS-120 drivers Thankfully there is also a registry key in Windows XP that allows you to block the use of USB storage devices.

In my initial testing of Windows 7, I was a little disturbed to find that a default install of Windows 7 Enterprise did not include a default screen saver when a user would log in.

I was also a little miffed that (known as the “Windows XP” screen saver in Windows XP and “Windows Logo” screen saver in Windows Vista) was also nowhere to be found when I searched the file system.

If you are logged on a computer as a different user to troubleshoot their logon, you can type gpresult /v in most cases which is called verbose mode.

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