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He says he wants to be ‘The male Cheryl’, and London singer Tom Davies is well on his way, having scored four ‘Yes’s from the judges during his 2015 X Factor audition (including a glowing endorsement from Cheryl herself).

In our chat with the out gay singer – originally published in our Love & Marriage special issue, released earlier this year – Davies talks dating, sex, relationships and why the ‘Charlotte’ in him isn’t so keen on looking for love online… I think a lot of guys are trying to work and build career and set a solid grounding up and are all so busy.

' – Fabulous magazine Eva Woods lives in London, where she writes and teaches creative writing.

Cutting down the live shows is just one of a series of scheduling options.

But the move wouldn't affect the total number of hours of the series."However, fans instantly took to social media to criticise the planned changes that have been rumoured.

I’m 25, and although I still feel pretty young, there is this very slight voice in the back of my head saying: it’s time to think about settling down, finding that one person, falling in love and thinking about the future.

I think moreso actually, I am feeling more pressured in thinking about my future and I see a man in my future who I love and have been with for a very long time. Not to mention I have a lot of friends, straight and gay, that are getting married all around me and its making me realise that it could be a possibility. I think on most gay apps, the intention really is just for one thing. But don’t get me wrong, the apps have their purposes and the Samantha in me loves it!

He's the sweet kid from the rural town of Moama that uses singing to bring an income to his family.

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