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The entire Ivanpah project features an industry-leading low-impact design, resulting in maximum land-use efficiency.Our heliostat technology places individual mirrors onto metal poles that are driven into the ground, which allows vegetation to coexist underneath and around our mirrors; reduces the need for extensive land grading; and uses far fewer concrete pads than other technologies.The story unfolds using of thousands of lights against the backdrop of the life-sized calandria mock-up used for training at the Darlington Energy Complex.

It’s power that’s over 99 per cent free of smog and carbon emissions. The integrated campaign centres on the visual of the calandria – the core of the CANDU nuclear reactor and a focus of the refurbishment.

By taking people inside the Darlington Refurbishment, we hope to demystify the inner workings of nuclear power.

If G is a topological group then a subset S of G is called a set of topological generators if 〈S〉 is dense in G i.e. If S is finite, then a group G = 〈S〉 is called finitely generated.

The structure of finitely generated abelian groups in particular is easily described.

If G = 〈S〉, then we say that S generates G, and the elements in S are called generators or group generators.

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