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You can consider the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) a school of thought in the pick-up community.Only, Roosh’s followers [the Men-Of-Fear bloggers], are too naïve and butt-fucked to not see that they’re actually PUA’s, but on a dumb-downed scale.The other option is marriage agencies, which charge more or less depending on what services you get.

I think Cheng Kuan needs to step up big time now and figure out which way he wants to head, Vivian or Si Yi, and then make his move. The company actually has a lot of great products, except it keeps losing money every year.

Otherwise I’m going to get fed up with all the eye-sexing between the OTP and want Si Yi to get back with her repentant ex-boyfriend if that means my girl gets more action. That’s why he’s going to work hard to get the company back on the right track.

To those not in the know, let me shed a bit of light on what the Men-Of-Fear (Manosphere) is [at least my take on what is is]: It was hatched with good intentions, and spear-headed by Roosh V, a controversial Turkish Americanized Pick-Up Artist guru out of DC, who’s been lobotomized so badly, that he’s scared shit to even admit that he’s a PUA [fearing the Feminist bogeyman hiding in his closet].

But Roosh is undoubtedly a PUA [and we all know it], although he indirectly panders to feminists.

In the world of pick-up (main-line), without proof of your skills; you’ll be weeded the fuck out like a Mitt Romney in the midst of real Conservatives!!

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