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Imagine understanding what the other person was thinking and dating actually being fun for a change. The 21 Rules of Dating is a guide designed to give you the guidelines that you need to change your dating life quickly. Finding the love that you deserve has never been easier.

This guide includes my 21 Rules of Dating that takes the guess work out of the process. If you’re ready to start meeting amazing people, and stop missing your chance at love this guide will walk you through the most fundamental concepts to successful dating.

He had great manners, pulling out the bar stool for me as well as ordering for me which I thought was cute. He did everything wrong and you have a few things to learn as well.

We chatted for hours and got a little drunk together. Of course you chatted for hours, you were both drunk, which is something you should never get on a date.

The reason most men fail with women, is simply because they don’t understand them.

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