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A nurse would call me back if I paged my actual number, but so as to not bother the nurse with something so trivial as, “Oh hey, any idea when my husband can come home for dinner? I knew I was probably looking at another hour minimum.) So the kids and I were done with Target, and we went to Chipotle alone. Because the kids and I were having a really great Friday night anyways! You are on the same team as your spouse, even when it doesn’t feel like it.By the time we finished Chipotle and were on our way to the movie store, he called me in between cases. At that moment, I was thanking myself for going and not waiting. My husband taught me this, and he deserves the credit.

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Hey, I'm Shannon and I'm the founder and Queen Bee of this crazy place we call Nashville Gab.

A few things about me - I'm pretty much a nerd, I'm obsessive about weird things, I suck at selfies, and I tend to make corny jokes that only truly awesome people will appreciate.

(Because if he doesn’t even have access to a phone yet, he’s probably scrubbed into the OR. Anyways, if he’s scrubbed in still it could be who knows how long, plus then he has to finish notes, sometimes round on patients again, and so on.

At he still had not called back, so I knew that this probably meant I wouldn’t be seeing him for dinner at the very least.

The hard-working musician eventually recorded an album to sell at his shows.

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