Who is vanessa laine dating

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The 29-year-old is rumored to be getting cozy with boxer Victor Ortiz -- after the two were reportedly spotted having lunch together at an eatery in Marina Del Rey known as a "sneak joint." Vanessa and Victor have reportedly been seeing each other for a few weeks, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The WBC Welterweight champ is the spokesman for underwear site called Ortiz collaborated with Kim Kardashian's ex sex tape buddy, Ray J, on a rap song called "Baddest Girl." 3.Ortiz's manager quickly denied the rumor, claiming the Kansas-born fighter "likes Midwestern blondes." Vanessa filed for divorce last week, with Kobe's alleged infidelity widely reported as the reason. He's gearing up for a Christmas Day game -- despite a torn ligament on his right wrist. The boxer said he thought singer Jo Jo was hot, and was rumored to have dated her. Ortiz's ex-girlfriend cheated on him, and when the prize fighter walked in on their affair, Ortiz recalled telling the other man, "I should hit you, but I won't, because all the stories will say, 'Boxer beats up military hero.'" Victor subsequently ended his four-year relationship with his girlfriend. He is considered one of the richest boxers, with a fortune reportedly worth million.She adopted the surname “Laine” from her stepfather Stephen Laine.

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Who is vanessa laine dating

When it comes to Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa Bryant, we know some of the basics: That she stayed with him after his sexual assault trial, forgiving him for his “mistake of adultery,” and that she was reportedly getting half of his estimated $150 million, having signed no pre-nup when the couple married 10 years ago, plus three houses, on top of getting to keep the $4 million 8-carat diamond ring Kobe gave her after the trial ended.

But what do you know about the Latina beauty, who has largely kept out of the limelight?

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The Bryants counter-sued and then both parties dropped their suits when the Bryants paid Jimenez $200,000 to go away.

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