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I do finally let Alice in a little bit, right before I tell her that I’m going back, just to try to make her understand where I’m coming from and what I’ve been through.

But I also have a few flashbacks as well, so I am suffering from some post-traumatic stress while I’m back, and they [the episodes] definitely touch on that.

----------------------------------------------------------- Cast biographies are available here. The main cast of The L Word for Season 1 consisted of: Bette Porter - Jennifer Beals Tina Kennard - Laurel Holloman Shane Mc Cutcheon - Katherine Moennig Alice Pieszecki - Leisha Hailey Jenny Schecter - Mia Kirshner Marina Ferrar - Karina Lombard Dana Fairbanks - Erin Daniels Tim Haspel - Eric Mabius Kit Porter - Pam Grier Season 2 cast additions: Mark Wheeler - Eric Lively Helena Peabody - Rachel Shelley Carmen de la Pica Morales - Sarah Shahi Season 3 cast additions: Moira - Daniela Sea Angus - Dallas Roberts Dylan Moreland - Alexandra Hedison Season 4 cast additions: Jodi Lerner - Marlee Matlin Phyllis - Cybill Shepherd Papi - Janina Gavankar Paige - Kristanna Loken Tasha - Rose Rollins ------------------------------------------------ Does it really matter?

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But it may be this season’s Tasha Williams, played by Rose Rollins, who has brought the most authentically butch lesbian to the series. Rose Rollins: I come home from Iraq, and I’m in the National Guard.

The reserved, stoic Tasha is a captain in the National Guard who has just returned from Iraq when she catches Alice’s eye — leading to an opposites-attract romance that has quickly become a fan favorite. It’s not really stated as to why I’m home, and no one really knows for how long.

However, as the seasons went on, Alice’s bisexual identity seemed to dissolve and she came to identify as a lesbian, even testifying under oath to that fact.

In Season 2, Alice’s bisexuality was mentioned as comic relief in the episode ”Labyrinth” when she, Dana, and Dana’s then-girlfriend Tonya visited a sex shop.

But while I’m back, I’m just really reserved, very serious.

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