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The youthful, cute mannerisms are strange to watch on an older person; this applies to Dianne Keaton, Diane lane, and Demi Moore as well. Vanessa Williams is doing just fine but has barely aged a day. If that wasn't the thing she was known for, I'm sure she'd be fine today but alas that's how she made her fame and now that special something she had is gone for good.

They beg for attention that they used to receive easily as young women, but don't naturally as older. Melanie Griffith, occasionally will pop up here and there. Halle Berry is in the same boat and will always be able to book something. Diane Keaton managed to morph in to mother roles, albeit kooky, shrill and crazy mothers.

"I am grateful to learn from their mistakes," she told Yahoo Beauty.

Some took Aniston's remarks as a less than kind reference to her friend and former "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox, who reportedly had work done.

“He says, 'Oh, I'm very happy.' Then I find out two days later he's dating Daryl Hannah." "I go, I bet you are happy, Neil! "He didn't seem as sad as I thought he would." As for his own failed marriages – he was previously wed to Priscilla Esterline, Victoria Granucci and Elaine Irwin – Mellencamp was reflective.

Meg Ryan is unrecognizable thanks to excessive plastic surgery!

A couple of years ago, Madonna posted a selfie on Instagram that observers say unintentionally revealed a facelift scar behind her right ear.

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