Who is madonna dating today

by  |  02-Nov-2019 17:15

The singer had famously promised the oral sex last month — “And I am good,” she added, lest anyone question her gratification qualifications — but when a Hillary supporter, armed with a selfie of his ballot, showed up to claim the prize, he was greeted with derision.

According to the pal, although many details of the man’s identity are a secret, he’s close enough to her to have joined her on her most recent visit to Africa – when she adopted four-year-old Malawi twins, Estere and Stella.

“Madonna loves young ethnic men with a little bit of flavor and this guy is exactly that,” the pal said.

But that ain't gonna happen, here's the reason why: When we did it, I'll admit it, wasn't satisfied.' He said it would be a 'tragedy' if any more of the 'fast receding days' of the teenager's childhood were taken up by the conflict, during which Madonna had launched litigation in both London and the United States.

If you didn’t know, Patti originated the role of Eva Peron on Broadway.

Madonna brought the actor to a London restaurant, where the action is alleged to have happened.

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