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After her tour with TSO, Micarelli joined Josh Groban on his Closer Tour as a guest soloist and concertmaster.

In 2004, Micarelli released her first album Music From A Farther Room, executive produced by Groban.

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The similarities between Lucia Micarelli and Annie Tee, the character she portrays on HBO's Treme, are striking -- obviously.

Both are passionate, expressive musicians who slowly but surely are building a buzz after investing years of training as classical violinists.

Credit a team of talented and flexible writers for keeping it real by tailoring Annie's backstory to fit Lucia's background.

Micarelli, 27, is four years older than Annie, a bit more advanced and certainly more confident in her playing ability.

Botti also relishes that the engagement means staying in one place for a while.

Who is lucia micarelli dating

In her childhood, Whiting's singing ability had already been noticed, and at the age of only seven she sang for singer-lyricist , with whom her father had collaborated on some popular songs ("Too Marvelous for Words").…
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