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Jack's storylines have included the exploration of his relationships with various love interests: fellow survivor Kate Austen, and Juliet Burke, who is initially a member of the mysterious Others, who are the series' visible antagonists for the majority of its run.

After the surgery, Jack entered her room to check on her, and she had already regained feeling in her legs.

The two shared an emotional moment after this miracle. At their wedding rehearsal dinner, Sarah gave a speech about how she met Jack through her accident and how, because of him, she would be able to "dance at her wedding." She ended the speech with a toast to Jack, her hero.

"Pilot (Part 1)" "White Rabbit" "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" "Do No Harm" "Man of Science, Man of Faith" "The Hunting Party" "A Tale of Two Cities" "Stranger in a Strange Land" "Through the Looking Glass (Parts 1 & 2)" "Something Nice Back Home" "There's No Place Like Home (Parts 1, 2 & 3)" "316" "Lighthouse" "The Candidate" Dr.

Jack Shephard is a fictional character and the protagonist of the ABC television series Lost, played by Matthew Fox.

Ray Shephard - Paternal Grandfather Christian Shephard - Father Margo Shephard - Mother Claire Littleton - Half-Sister Aaron Littleton - Half-Nephew Sarah Shephard - Ex-Wife Kate Austen - Ex-Fiancé Juliet Carlson - Ex-Wife (Flash sideways) David Shephard - Son (Flash sideways) Dr.

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