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On January 18, 2017, Paevey revealed that he would be offscreen again for about a month to be villain in a movie. It was also revealed that Madeline knows the truth about who his father really is.

He last appeared on February 16, 2017 The initial casting notice described the character as a "Caucasian" in his "late 20s" who is "Handsome, sexy" and "dynamic." The character was further described as a "Rich, privileged, charming badboy." However, the "badboy" characteristic appeared to have been dropped by the time of Paevey's casting. In 2016, Valentin Cassadine was revealed to be his father.

Liesl Obrecht and the legal son of his aunt, socialite, Madeline Reeves and her late husband, Mr. He has been portrayed by actor Ryan Paevey since the character's debut on December 30, 2013.

During an interview with Afterbuzz TV, Paevey revealed that the rather unconventional casting process started when he was just lounging around with his close friends and management team and one of his managers suggested that Paevey should meet with casting director Mark Teschner. It was revealed that Nathan West is the biological son of Dr.

And Louise Thompson flaunted the fruits of her hard work as she launched a new swimwear campaign on Sunday.

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