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And although they hashed out their breakup issues on social media, it was a little unclear as to what was the cause, but Mena came clean as to why the seemingly happy couple quickly crashed and burned.

READ: For Her New Man, Erica Mena Plans To Bow Out Of Reality TV The breakup may not come as a surprise to most as it was frequently over the Internet that their love wouldn’t last, but even so, the reason behind it may be a little more shocking. As for the abuse she’s endured, she’s not referring to physical, but instead mind games that she most definitely asserts the former host played during their time together.

He later confirmed he was the baby’s father, and they seemed to be on better terms when their daughter, , was born on Dec. While they seemed to get along for the arrival of their daughter, they didn’t stay drama-free for long.

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Joseline opted not to identify the woman or clarify on their relationship, but it’s clear the two women are close as they’re seen holding hands in the picture.

The mother-of-one has remained mum when it comes to her relationship after things got rocky with her baby daddy, Stevie J.

The two were together for years and even referred to each other as husband and wife, though they were never legally married.

In July, she confirmed she was pregnant with his child and claimed that he was a “deadbeat” who was trying to deny that the baby was his (though she later got a DNA test proving he was in fact the father).

It was reported the gash spewed blood so badly, it looked like a scene from a horror movie. she thinks the attack was ordered by fellow "L&HH: A" star Bambi Johnson ...

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