Who is dana delany dating 2016 dating site for black women

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However, Dana is continually active on Twitter, regularly interacting with her fans and colleagues from there.

Please note that Dana does not have an official Facebook presence.

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I've had a very full life, and I've dated very interesting people. My friends who were skinny growing up have a harder time now. Reach out, and tweet someone I love that you can meet people on Twitter whom you might never meet in life. In the beginning, I was sort of like Ann Landers, helping people, giving advice.

Then you realize maybe they're making things up, using it to get attention. Keeping the peace There are two great things about getting older.

If you find out what everybody is going after, you'll always be fine.

Idol play When I was a kid, my idol was Honey West [the detective played by Anne Francis in the 1960s TV series of the same name].

” And in fact a lot of people had doubts about the show to begin with, because they thought that female-friendship thing had already been done with The paradox, however, is that in real life this self-possessed 52-year-old who has never married or had children is as far from being a housewife – and especially a desperate one – as you can possibly get.

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