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It turns out that Jeff Walters is also a part-time model for 2(x)ist underwear.

Here's the full press release, in which Drumpf actually kind of puts the responsibility for the decision onto the Attorney General: collaboration we've always wanted. Related: Kelly Clarkson Makes Fun Of Justin Guarini In Election Post!

As you surely recall, Aiken and Studdard faced off against each other on the FOX singing competition waaaaaaay back in 2003.

She is a political commentator for CNN and political expert for NPR, and also the CEO of IMPACT Strategies.

However, Rye also has worked on multiple boards including the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, Seattle University School of Law Alumni and Women Entertainment Empowerment Network.

• Amazing • Crazzzzy • Reality TV • Controversy, Donald Trump repeatedly said sexist, homophobic things while condoning and apologizing for sexual harassment and even going so far as to threaten contestants who wouldn't vote for him for President.

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