Who is bambi dating rich robinson is dating is divorced

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"People don’t understand — they just think it’s all this glitz and glamour because you’re on TV, but there’s so much that comes with it.

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“I’ve learned so much over the past few years of my life,” she wrote. However, the part about people “attacking” her makes us question if she’s just sending a message to people reporting information that may be false?

This tweeting spree comes just one day after woman while spending time at a Miami strip club — YIKES!

Even more interesting, their daughter, Imani, was not with them. Though neither Scrappy nor Erica confirmed anything about their relationship or their mysterious trip together, they both indicated on Instagram that they were traveling somewhere.

It also didn't help that after rumors of the pair getting back together surfaced, Scrappy's longtime girlfriend, Bambi, confirmed that she and Scrappy are no longer dating. The flowers were a nice attempt but it didn't work. While it could have something to do with their reality show, Dixon confirmed last month that she was not returning to LHHATL after four seasons.

Bambi’s Instagram post has since been deleted, though you can check out a screengrab here.

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