When is options backdating legal

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The settlements cost companies and their executives, auditors and advisers a combined $7.3 billion, Audit Analytics said.

Most of the cases were resolved without the companies admitting or denying wrongdoing.

The legal fallout from the stock-option backdating scandal that surfaced in 2006 is over, and the price tag was high, according to an analysis by Audit Analytics.

A total of 181 lawsuits alleged that executives were overpaid through improperly timed stock-option awards at companies, including United Health Group and Broadcom A settlement in the final suit, involving fiber-optics supplier Finisar, was approved last month.

The thing I liked about the Journal's treatment of the Alexander case was how the reporter managed to be respectful toward the Namibian legal system while at the same time hinting to readers that not every society has the same attitude toward Option backdating scandals: how management accountants can help: backdating of employee stock options can have a significant negative effect on a public company.

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