What is a liquidating dividend

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A liquidating dividend is used when a corporation is dissolving and it needs to distribute its assets to its shareholders.

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Chapter V Accounting Section 1 Accounting Principle Section 2 Account Books Section 4 Dividends of Surplus Section 5 Special Provision on Organs that Decide Dividends of Surplus Section 6 Liability related to Dividends of Surplus Chapter VI Changes in Articles of Incorporation Chapter VII Assignment of Business Section 2 Special Liquidations PART III Companies without Share Chapter I Incorporation Chapter II Partners Section 1 Responsibility of Partners Section 2 Assignments of Equity Interests Section 3 Liability for Mistaken Acts Chapter III Administration Section 1 General Provisions Section 2 Partners who Execute Business Section 3 Persons who Perform Duties on behalf of Partners Executing Business Chapter IV Admission and Withdrawal of Partners Section 1 Admission of Partners Section 2 Withdrawal of Partners Chapter V Accounting Section 1 Accounting Principles Section 2 Accounting Books Section 3 Financial Statements Section 4 Reductions in Stated Capital Section 5 Distribution of Profit Section 6 Contribution Refunds Section 7 Special Provisions on Accounting of Limited Liability Companies Chapter VI Change in Articles of Incorporation Section 2 Liquidators Section 3 Inventory of Property Section 4 Performance of Obligations Section 5 Distribution of Residual Assets Section 6 End of Liquidation Administrations Section 7 Voluntary Liquidation Section 8 Retention of Accounting Materials Section 9 Extinctive Prescription of Partner's Liability Section 10 Exceptions to Application PART IV Bonds Chapter I General Provisions Chapter II Bond Managers Chapter III Bondholders' Meeting Part V Entity Conversion, Merger, Company Split, Share Exchange, and Share Transfer Chapter I Entity Conversion Section 1 Common Provisions Section 2 Entity Conversion of a Stock Company Section 3 Entity Conversion of a Membership Company Chapter II Merger Section 1 Common Provisions Section 2 Absorption-type Merger Section 3 Consolidation-type Merger Chapter III Company Split Section 1 Absorption-type Company Split Section 2 Incorporation-type Company Split Chapter IV Share Exchange and Share Transfer Section 1 Share Exchange Section 2 Share Transfer Chapter V Procedures of Entity Conversion, Merger, Company Split, Share Exchange, and Share Transfer Section 1 Procedures of Entity Conversion Section 2 Procedures of an Absorption-type Merger, etc.

While compensating shareholders with a liquidating dividend is somewhat rare, there are situations where this strategy is the most prudent course of action.

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