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” Marge was naked sitting on the couch, then Jakob parted her legs, licked his fingers and touched her clit. She took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom. “I didn’t smack you hard,” I said while rubbing her ass gently.

Quite accidentally, she met him at the supermarket a few weeks later. He said how wonderful it was to know she was better. “It didn’t hurt, you just caught me by surprise,” she replied. Moving back to the task at hand, I couldn’t resist another taste of her inviting back door.

She hadn’t felt a man’s cock in her throat since high school. Jalob was not gentle when he pounded into her, vigorously thrusting with his balls bouncing off her ass. Each time he jammed himself into her, she came closer to an orgasm. “Doctor, I don’t think this is right,” although she felt the tingling sensation she remembered with the pastor. She didn’t object, and she found herself being seduced rather than needing to seduce him. *** Tyler: She looks so natural, so happy to be doing this. I watch her strip, I watch her be tied, and now bent over the table. It is completely adorable and such a turn on rolled into one.

” Having finished the preliminaries, Jakob turned her so that her knees were on the floor and her elbows on the couch. She had never experienced rough sex like that before. He began messaging her shoulders and neck saying, ” I’m not supposed to have any feelings for patients, but sometimes I do, especially you. He pulled up his pants and gave her tissue, not to wipe away tears this time, but to clean the cum dripping down her thighs. He said he would like her to meet with him the next day. Seeing her in that position has my cock twitching more, steadily growing in my jeans.

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