Waved hello dating

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This was useful for meeting up with someone on the move, knowing when someone was arriving or frighteningly, stalking your significant other.

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he timing and evolutionary origin of hand-gesture greetings will never be fully understood, for there is no tangible evidence of their inception that is preserved in the archaeological record.

In cases where they do appear, however, they are often exquisite.

Occasionally, a raft with up to 10 helmeted, wet-suited, and lifejacket-clad paddlers would go by.

Almost invariably, at least one person on each raft would raise a hand to wave a greeting, occasionally also shouting out “hello.” We did the same in return. Why don’t we usually greet strangers this way when going about our daily lives, especially in the city?

What you can do is focus on making her feel a lot of sexual attraction for you, so she does have sexual feelings for you.

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