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We probably won't ever know the scope of his abuse.'Frankly, it's frightening.

[When he talks to the authorities about the abuse] his numbers go from one to three or four to "a lot" to maybe over a hundred.'I think it's fair to speculate that he's been doing this all the time, when he's able and had the opportunity.'Police examined Douglas' activities after he was convicted of abusing Range's corpse last year.

His wife and fellow educator, 38-year-old Jennifer Woolsey, was also arrested and charged with a single count of failing to report after she admitted to police she knew of her husband's illicit affair with the teen but kept it to herself.

The accuser told police ‘the relationship with Brian began as a teacher-student relationship, and Brian caressed her leg and touched her butt while staying after class,’ police records cited by showed.

I can't explain why someone would do something like this.

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