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This mark indicates that the new hammer block has been installed and your Walther is safe to use and fire.

Please contact Smith & Wesson at 1-8 or [email protected] you suspect your Walther PPK or PPK/S may have a defective hammer block.

Production began at the Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, Germany plant in 1939, and deployment of the Walther P38 pistols as the new standard German Army service pistols began in mid 1940.

There are 7 known variations of the RSHA/SS Walther PPk.

They are as follows: Variation 1- Arsenal (non factory applied ) Muzzle ring serial number RZM, High polish finish, "Crown/N" proofed, full arsenal (non factory applied) serial number on spine of magazine. Variation 2- Arsenal (or non-factory) Muzzle ring serial number, non-RZM, "Crown/N" proofed, high polish finish, full arsenal (or non-factory) serial number on spine of magazine. Variation 3- Muzzle ring serial number, "Crown/N" proofed, high polish finish, in the million serial range 100xxxx.

The issue was found that some Walther PPK and PPK/S semiautomatic handguns will fire a chambered round without the trigger being pulled.

Smith & Wesson engineers found that after chambering a round and disengaging the safety, there is a possibility that lowering the hammer will fire the chambered round without pulling the trigger.

The shortness was balanced with a magazine-shoe on the bottom.

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