Vista keeps updating sql

by  |  04-Oct-2019 10:05

After about 60-90 minutes into the install I eventually get an unhelpful message in both Windows environments: "We're sorry.

SQL Server Express 2008 R2 - This product did not install successfully." No explanation is given for WHY the install failed so there is really no helpful path to resolve the issue. 2. Done updating statistics.2015-08-05 .950 Then restart the “Update Services” on the server (click start and type services.msc) Open WSUS and hit opens and run a server clean up.

I've tried all the troubleshooting that Windows had to offer, and now I'm stranded. message ID=3053074#3053074If you have any additional recommendations for Jason, please click the reply link and submit your answer.

Please be as detailed as possible when submitting a solution or suggestion. As this is a Windows Update issue, you are entitled to free technical support from Microsoft, regardless of current warranty status. The MS support person in India had me report several things to him then reinstall Vista, which solved the problem.

So don't be hesitant to do reintall when you find any problem in Windows. If Vista Required a reinstall every 3-6 months there is no way I would ever reccomend it to anyone.

Reinstalling windows is a pain and not only will you have to sit through the operating system reinstalling, but you'll also have to redownload drivers and reinstall programs.

Then make sure you have chosen to install Windows 10 updates in the products and classifications section of options.

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