Virusbuster antivirus scan engine not updating

by  |  04-Dec-2019 14:12

It is common to find a mixture of different server and workstation operating systems in any IT environment, so the ability to detect malware across multiple platforms is essential to maintain the security of your network.

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Do you make sure that your antivirus program is updated regularly? And the list is both huge and sobering: The attack is a clever "bait-and-switch" style move.

Yes, you read that right - every Windows security product tested.

It’s not only the danger to information and networks, or even the waste of storage space - it’s also the time that users take deleting spam, time that costs your clients significant sums of money every day.

While spam is at an all-time high, the tools we have to defend networks and mailboxes from spam keep getting better.

The attack works even more reliably on multi-core systems because one thread doesn't keep an eye on other threads that are running simultaneously, making the switch easier.

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