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One line can do a complete pattern test that would required more extensive loops and branches using string methods.The most fundamental test is whether or not the field has data. It uses the character set [a-z] in combination with the case insensitive flag i and the to require three letters together.The label of the field is therefore passed to the converter for use in formatting the error string.

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Data validation is where regular expressions become a Web application developer's friend.

A log-in ID or password has to have an exact match; however, the expected value of most data is unknown.

There are javascript converter objects that support the methods get As String() and get As Object(). There are javascript validator objects that support the validate() method. The first thing to do is write a version of the converter in javascript.

The main difference between converters on the client and server is that on the client there is no access to a component.

// Validate Swedish Social Security Number (personnummer) using checksum // Note: this is somewhat simplified because it does not take into account // that the date of the number is valid (e.g. You can even edit them anytime, like any other code on Code Pen.

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