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but the user 2 and user 3 also the same hit but due to little difference of time system give all 3 user authorize to save the qty.

The reason is user 1 hit the qty but did not save and the same happen with user 2 and user 3.

Time moved on, and with it came the parish priest to validate the marriage.

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I would like a double check question on cancel and finish e.g. Set Error(validating Text Box, "Please provide a description.") e.

are you sure you want to cancel - you will loose data if not completing all pages... On the final wizard page I would like some custom buttons e.g. Cancel = True Else 'Cancel any outstanding error provider error Provider.

The signature of the affiant and of the notary and the seal are all necessary to validate the affidavit.

This is all that is necessary to validate the use of images to be made in the sequel.

Like if they choose the surname radio button then the textbox must not include any numbers, or if they choose customer number then the textbox must contain numbers only.

Validating forum

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