Validating fckeditor

by  |  30-Aug-2019 19:56

the one that's baked right into your web browser.

Adding rich text editing can be as easy as this: Every "rich text editor" you can add to a website is nothing but a collection of buttons to trigger functions in this built-in rich text editor, accumulated workarounds for frequently encountered problems with it, and extensions to make it do just a little more. So why doesn't everyone just take advantage of "contenteditable" for themselves?

This post looks at how to put FCKeditor into a web page using PHP.

In future posts I will look at some of the other functions and features of FCKeditor. Note that this article was written when FCKeditor was at version 2.6.3 and the advice offered here may not work for later (or even earlier) versions of FCKeditor.

CKEditor is an Open Source project so your contribution is welcome.

Feel free to report bugs or improve the code on Git Hub.

Thus, on save click the requiredfield validator control will fire properly now.

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