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The scheme was set up by QAA for the assurance of quality, and the adequacy of standards of student achievements, on all courses.

However, QAA does not directly recognise individual courses or award certificates to students: it licenses Access Validating Agencies (AVAs) to do this, and regulates the way in which AVAs undertake their responsibilities.

It was intentional that Greystone students would not be provided with a "grade 13" high school experience, nor would Greystone provide a community college or junior college experience - because the academies are significantly above those levels of academic challenge.

Other areas covered are cleaning process monitoring/review, maintaining the validated state and dealing with common examples of cleaning issues that may arise during routine operation.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) regulates Access to HE courses, through the QAA Recognition Scheme for Access to Higher Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There are currently 11 licensed AVAs across England and Wales, and all of these operate according to the requirements of the QAA Recognition Scheme.

The Recognition Scheme has three elements: If you are a course provider, and would like to offer Access to HE Diploma courses, you must first contact one of the Access Validating Agencies.

The course also covers applicable regulatory rules & guidelines; demonstration of spray device coverage; methods for calculating MAC (wide range of residue types); methods for sampling/detecting/quantifying residues; and clean/dirty hold times.

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