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So how do we get this stupid name column out of our table “Employees” of the access database and into a control? One is to connect to the database, another thing is to query the database for the info and lastly we put that info into our source control… Connecting to the database is pretty straight forward and really starts out with picking the right connection object from the System. Since Access can be “accessed” through the OLEDB setup we can use the Ole Db Connection class for that. This is nothing but a string that tells the class where to find the database, what driver (or DSN) to use, any username and passwords to login to the database, and any security features we will need to implement for our access.One great place to find connection string data for tons of different databases is at

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Let's assume that you have a User Form to which you have added a combo box or a list box, and that you also have a database that contains a table from which you can retrieve the list items.

Almost on a daily basis we run across posts that ask about using a . Oh it might have a slight variation like “How do I load a value from a database into a textbox?

I am using a local instance of an access database that doesn’t require any real credentials to access. Ole Db namespace so we get to use Ole Db Connection as well as other classes you will see later.

The Name property represents the name of the control, which is a unique identifier of a control.

One way is to "hard code" the list into the User Form's Initialize event procedure using the . This is fine if you know what the contents of the list should be, and if is not going to change regularly.

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