Updating realtek drivers

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De changelog van deze release geeft naast de gebruikelijk 'customizations' aan dat de drivers ondersteuning bieden voor enkele nieuwe codecs en natuurlijk wordt nu ook Windows 8.1 ondersteund.

In reactie op weballey, Jammer genoeg veronderstelt PCGames op basis van de bestandsnamen dat de nieuwe Realtek R2.72 drivers niet meer geschikt zouden zijn voor Windows Vista en dat daarvoor de oude R2.71 drivers gebruikt zouden moeten worden.

Driver errors, such as ASUS Realtek Audio Driver errors, are easily avoidable.

If errors do occur, they can usually be fixed quite easily.

However, how do you ascertain whether there is some problem with your ASUS Realtek Audio Driver or not when you experience issues with your audio card but do not get any error message? If you are experiencing some problem with your sound card, but are not getting any error message, open the Device Manager window, select the installed sound card, and check there is a question mark, a yellow mark, or an exclamation point against your sound card.

Any of these three signs indicate some sort of problem with your ASUS Realtek Audio Driver.

Note: before you updating Realtek audio drivers or performing any other fixes, make sure you haven't accidentally muted your High Definition Audio device on Windows 10In most cases, Windows 10 Realtek audio malfunctions are caused by outdated Realtek audio drivers, for the audio driver may become mismatched after Windows 10 upgrade.

Updating realtek drivers

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