Updating multiple tables sql server

by  |  27-Feb-2020 23:03

The SQL Server Integration Services (shortly called as SSIS) is a powerful ETL tool, which is used for building enterprise level data transformation, and data integration solutions.

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Here is an example showing you the usage of a temporary table.

SELECT * FROM SALESSUMMARY; -------------- ------------- ---------------- ------------------ | product_name | total_sales | avg_unit_price | total_units_sold | -------------- ------------- ---------------- ------------------ | cucumber | 100.25 | 90.00 | 2 | -------------- ------------- ---------------- ------------------ 1 row in set (0.00 sec) When you issue a SHOW TABLES command, then your temporary table will not be listed out in the list.

In this article I will demonstrate a fast way to update rows in a large table Consider a table called which has more than 5 millions rows.

Suppose you want to update a column with the value 0, if it that column contains negative value.

You can treat this table just like any other table with a few exceptions.

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