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Using cursor is ok, but it brings with a un-toleratable speed when operating on a large table. end loop End; It's working but taking a huge time/sometimes hang the computer. [email protected] update ( select upd.purchase_no u_pno, upd.amount u_a, 2 temp.purchase_no t_pno, temp.amount t_a 3 from upd, temp 4 where upd.urefitem = temp.urefitem ) 5 set u_pno = t_pno, u_a = t_a 6 / 635 rows updated. Is this time, 10 minutes for 12000 rows tables an acceptable (expected) time? Thanks Anandhi = b.cycle and b.site_id=44 and b.rel_cd in('code1','code2','code3') and b.groupid='123' 12,000 times?

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Updating memory problems gaychubbydating com

RAM is a form of data storage different from your hard-drive.

It is volatile and doesn’t maintain storage when the system is powered down.

First what you receive firmware version, mostly could be: 00160901, this version number actually are two parts, 0016 is the SDK version, and 0901 is the AT version.

Let us first update to a Cloud update supported version 00170901, please find the tool here: and run the tool, select the bin file and COM port is fine enough.

DLL Hell can manifest itself in many different ways in which applications do not launch or work correctly.

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