Updating libxml ruby

by  |  06-Nov-2019 07:32

Thus ALLOC calls must be matched to ruby_xfree calls, which they were not.

The wide support in almost every language for XML makes it extremely portable.

Until recently using XML with Ruby was not a high performance option.

Results along with the differences in the way the APIs are used are as follows.

In Memory It is often easier to deal with a single large XML Object when dealing with XML.

Results logged to /usr/local/redmine/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/libxml-ruby-2.4.0/ext/libxml/gem_How can i resolve this problem? gem install libxml-ruby-2.7.0-- --with-xml2-in clude=/usr/include/libxml2 Temporarily enhancing PATH to include Dev Kit...

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