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Her conversation with Ali Velshi brought up the unverified Trump dossier published by in January, which alleged that Trump committed various sex acts in Russia—some of them piss-related, some of them not.Although those allegations are unconfirmed, Waters said that, yes, in fact, he did do those things.

Pressed on when the case could go to trial, Williams said Tuesday, "You'd have to ask the [district attorney] that question." Alison Sosebee, the district attorney for the Appalachian Judicial Circuit, did not return a call or an email seeking comment.

An assistant told the Times Free Press on Tuesday that Sosebee was busy presenting other cases to a grand jury.

“We must get to the facts of what it has been about.” Trump has bragged about committing sexual assault, but the veracity of the dossier’s allegations have yet to be confirmed. Waters says “we already know” the Trump-Russian prostitute sex tape is “absolutely true.” Didn’t give evidence.

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