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Therefore, if several specimens of the same material are tested, and if they are all at approximately the same water content and void ratio when they are tested, they will have approximately the same unconsolidated-undrained shear strength.

If the test specimens are partially saturated, or compacted/reconstituted specimens, where the degree of saturation is less than 100 %, consolidation may occur when the confining pressure is applied and during application of axial load, even though drainage is not permitted.

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An unconsolidated subsidiary is a company that is owned by a parent company, but whose individual financial statements are not included in the consolidated or combined financial statements of the parent company to which it belongs.

Instead, this type of company appears in the combined financial statement as an investment.

When you get married, if you and your spouse put all your belongings together, you might end up with two garlic presses and two electric drills, but you'll have a consolidated household.

When you see "Consolidated" in the name of a company, you can expect that the company is made up of several companies that merged.

The adjective consolidated comes from the Latin roots con- "together," and solidatus, "make solid." adjective1.

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