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Our childhoods influence our adult selves immensely.The way we're raised, by whom we're raised and with whom we're raised makes all the difference. Personally, I have sisters, but I have dated several only-child women, and I have to say… They have a distinct combination of a need for independence and dependence that I haven't encountered anywhere else.When you don't have any brothers or sisters to play, learn and share with, you build yourself an ego — an ego that is too often reinforced by parents raising an only child.

1863 restoration by Gilbert Scott; late C19 restoration by Waller and Son.

Random and coursed rubble limestone; stone slate roof.

'I couldn't use a trolley because they don't come with three seats, so I had to cram the shopping into the buggy. 'This time the buggy broke right in the middle of the car park. 'Having one baby strains a marriage, but imagine that to the power of three.' Now aged four, with mops of blond hair and huge blue eyes, Max and his identical sisters Brooke and Keira are utterly delightful, and clearly adored by their parents.

'With three babies and all the shopping, it weighed more than 6st. The babies - who mercifully were unhurt - were screaming their heads off, and everyone was staring as though I'd gone mad. But the truth is that these longed-for babies destroyed their parents' marriage.

Transitional south porch with dogtooth enrichment to pointed archway.

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