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Search for UK dating and you may not notice uk, but it’s a company that has been built up over 10 years and maintained itself in a massive market against the big players out there. The most impressive (in fact it’s quite astonishing) feature of uk is its compatibility test. If you’ve ever written a self promotion (for a dating site or otherwise) you know how awkward it can be: either you undersell yourself for fear of seeming big headed or you risk coming across sounding arrogant.

Either way it’s a difficult thing to write without sounding like a generic stranger or coming across in completely the wrong way.

You will no longer find ads in the local newspapers such as “YW 36 years, loves nature and chocolate, wants to find a partner who loves sport and is willing to raise a happy family”.

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These documents as well as the platform meet and in some cases, exceed all current (legal) requirements.

Elite Singles Prices 3 Months: £49.95 (Total £149.85) 6 months: £29.95 (Total £179.70) 12 Months: £27.95 (Total £335.40) From a usability perspective the site is the best we have tested in a while.

Once you’ve signed up, the home page will update to be specific to you, showing you members who are currently online so you don’t need to trawl through page after page of profiles looking for someone to chat to when you’ve only a few minutes to spare. There aren’t many dating sites out there that claim to be free and actually are. Build a profile, upload photos, send messages, join discussions and don’t pay a thing for the privilege. The number of members on flirtbox, likely because of its genuine “freeness” is fairly impressive at around half a million in the UK. With around 3 million members its searches, which vary from very basic (age, location and gender) to more advanced (including body type, lifestyle and interests), ought to bring up a generous selection of local and UK-based matches which are tailored to your...

Love And Friends, some of the best things in life, right?

With My Single you no longer need to worry about throwing...

Top 10 dating website in uk

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