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” It’s these questions viewers were encouraged to ask following the first episode, along with many more, something that left me feeling both frustrated and intrigued.

Delany’s return from Africa to England has also meant a brothel - set up in his father’s dockside estate - has been stopped, and various people are now trying to kill him. Well, there are many suspects, the East India Trading Company being the most obvious.

Not necessarily because the show answers any questions - really, it asks more - but because we have something to finally focus on: James Delany’s investigation into his father’s murderer. Tom Hardy’s character has returned to London to inherit Nootka Sound from his recently deceased father, disrupting plans between his sister, Zilpha, and the East India Trading Company.

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They are, for nearly all intents and purposes, a one-dimensional villain, obsessed with power and being an omnipresent controller in London.

Again, their motivations are set out through more boardroom meetings; not exactly riveting stuff but Pryce remains excellent as the company’s leader.

The world is aware of the fact that the two are married, but Gina often keeps her husband away from the spotlight.

Maybe, she does not want the fans and media to intervene in her marital life in any possible manner.

Thankfully, there’s a slightly more ambiguous killer on the scene: the mysterious silver-toothed man.

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