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Today we decided to feature a roundup of 41 of our favorite success stories, and the single best piece of advice they offer to new merchants.These stores sell everything from apparel to surfboards to furniture to animal onesies.I am not saying you should watch TV; I'm suggesting that you give up watching the TV shows that do not really interest you. Record what you love for viewing on demand and nix the rest of that dead TV time.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in film from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting from The American Film Institute. When you’re creating your list of potential venues, be mindful of location. Does the size of the venue match up with your expected number of guests? Life is full of surprises and some things cannot be foreseen, so as much as you can, be prepared, and make sure the day of your event gives you the best chances of getting as many people as possible to cut two hours out of their busy lives to attend your event.

Come up with your own best guess as to date and time, then confer with the venue as each will have a slightly different experience as to the best time and dates for your event.

Unfortunately, both first-time and seasoned authors often find themselves at a bookstore or other venues, surrounded by empty seats, except perhaps the solo ardent fan, the random bookstore straggler, and the bookstore staff sharing a look that says, “Another author we probably won’t invite back.” Events are complex beasts and the devil is in the details, so here are some key pointers to give you the best possible chance for a full house: This guest post is by Julia Drake.

Drake is the founder and co-owner of Julia Drake PR, a boutique literary publicity company that specializes in media campaigns, social media marketing, innovative book tours, author websites and promotional videos. Beyond the usual suspects such as bookstores, libraries, reading series, book fairs, festivals, writing panels, and literary & cultural organizations, perhaps the themes/topics of your book might be a fit for museums, churches, community centers, schools and colleges, art galleries, restaurants, hair salons, movie theaters, the choices are endless.

Julia has appeared as a speaker on many literary industry panels, including Writers of Southern California, UCLA, the Women’s National Book Association, Lambda Literary Foundation, Literary Orange, Writers and Publishers of San Diego, Writegirl, and the California Writer’s Club. But the key question to ask is, “What track record does this venue have in terms of similar events?

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