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The Church of Scientology is naturally very excited that Alessandro Calcioli and Louisa Hodkin (pictured right) will marry today after winning a landmark court victory allowing Scientology “religious” weddings to be held in England for the first time.Scientology may be dwindling, but it can use every bit of good publicity it can get, so today’s wedding will be streamed live on the Internet at 11 am Eastern, and we wouldn’t miss it.Rachel is a Fall 13 initiate of the Mu Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.

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“She needs to move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.” It was nothing like the extensive (and expensive) campaigns the church has waged against Going Clear director Alex Gibney, or against Ron Miscavige and his memoir Ruthless, which came out in May.

Gibney’s film was met with full-page ads in New York and Los Angeles denouncing Going Clear as unfair and biased, and Gibney was personally attacked in slick videos made at Scientology’s sophisticated studios.

He truly did the smooth brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha justice with this one.

We encourage members to be on other dating services, as well as on ours.

Kornelius Bascombe, a television producer and member of A-Phi-A, had fallen in love with his girlfriend of 4 years, Rachel, a member of DST, so he decided to surprise her with proposal that would blow her away.

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