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Till now, this trade of Tay Tuu Village has been growing strongly to supply both domestic and international market with more than 250 million flowers of all kinds.When the mist is still covering the flower fields of yellow daisies, red roses, purple hearth-bells and colorful carnations, gardeners in Tay Tuu Village prepare to cut all these flowers for the night market.The village is an ideal land for growing roses, a queen of flowers.

Tay Tuu flower market The Tay Tuu Flower Village is located about 20km far from the Hanoi Center.

It belongs to Tu Liem District and has well-known for its floriculture for a long time.

I felt really bad because we’d get blood all over Jim’s house, blood that ended never coming out.

We also got blood all over our production designer’s apartment.

Opening at night, the market is usually closed when it is still dark in the morning.

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