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I’m indebted to Hitchin-born stalwart Richard Whitmore for his excellent account of the opening of The Dell back in 1950/51 in his very entertaining autobiography ‘Didn’t you used to be…Richard Whitmore? A new commercial plan is being developed to boost business in Biggleswade town centre in the hope it can better serve the needs of the fast growing town and fend off competition from online retail and out of town developments.

The youngest daughter of murdered Stevenage man Peter Shickle told a crown court how how she couldn’t explain the pain in her heart since she found out the ‘sickening, disgusting and terrible’ way her father had been brutally beaten to death.

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Archant Perhaps they start to act strangely or seem to be trying to ply you with drinks, maybe they make physical contact when it just isn’t the right time, or try to persuade you to go home with them when you’ve made it clear that’s not your intention.

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