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Ron Paul's moral vote didn't contribute to their plight. Now, if you want to argue that Dennis Kucinich's policies are more moral than those of Ron Paul, I'll listen.

The sophisticated anti-Elite activist would work for a Paul/Kucinich or a Kucinich/Paul ticket, in fact. (and a few veiled refrences to Gary Webb Contra stuff) Rachel has buckled and now won't allow comments on her blog.

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I hope you guys like this one, I wrote it in about two days so I'm glad I got it done. I hope you all have happy holidays and a great new year!

I got this idea from a dream I had so I thought I'd make it a story with this perfect nerd! I only own the story line; big hero six, the image used, and any other references belong to their rightful owners!

To celebrate, we caught up with some of the artists behind our past picks for Album of the Year, held a readers’ poll, reminisced with former staffers, and now, we’ve ranked the 300 best albums of the past 30 years.

Drawing on ballots from more than a dozen contributors, the editors whittled a roster of just under 1,000 nominees to a list of undisputed masterpieces, longtime pleasures, and new favorites — all of them classics (well, according to us).

Weezy’s fifth full-length — and predecessor to his pop crossover — indulges in its star’s signature sprawl, but somehow the 22-track roster doesn’t bloat.

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