Camchat and talk with sexy grils without credit - Stop msn messenger updating

by  |  01-Jan-2020 19:13

Messenger Reviver 2 is a Windows app that can bring Windows Live Messenger back from the dead by patching necessary application files and bypassing the forced upgrade window. Since earlier this month, whenever you try to sign in to your Microsoft account in Windows Live Messenger, you are presented with a forced upgrade message, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

All you can do is either adapt to the change or stop using Live Messenger altogether.

I have blocked the same senders both with the blocked senders as well as the blocked domain lists in WLM so many times, & they just keep coming back?

I also have Mailwasher ,use it all the time, but the "bounce...

As Skype and Windows Live Messenger are both owned by Microsoft now, the company decided to shut down the latter, forcing existing Messenger users to update to the former.

Though for certain regions, Microsoft is still keeping the service alive and its servers running .

How do I turn off this Windows Live automatic updates?

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