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In addition, between simulator scenarios, Forester must keep his crew in check and prevent personality clashes from lowering team performance by choosing the right dialogue options during cutscenes.

The cadet crew consists of a Vulcan science officer called Sturek, a female Andorian communications officer named Vanda M'Giia, and a detached and shy human engineer Robin Brady, with Trill Jana Akton at the helm and human Geoff Corin at navigation.

Paramount was unhappy with FASA's two Star Trek: The Next Generation supplements - including an Officer's Manual (1988) and First Year Sourcebook (1989) - which they felt did not entirely match their view of the Next Generation universe, and in 1989 Paramount pulled FASA's license for Star Trek.

Star trek dating sim

The game was presented in two styles of cabinets: an upright standup, and a sit-down/semi-enclosed deluxe cabinet with the player's chair modeled after the Star Trek Motion Picture's bridge chairs with controls integrated into the chair's arms.

Star Trek: SOS was ported to the Commodore 64, TI-99/4A, Atari 8-bit family, Atari 5200, Atari 2600, VIC-20, Coleco Vision and Apple II.

The game makes use of painstakingly synthesized speech, since memory costs at the time made the use of sampled audio almost prohibitive.

Unlike most arcade games of the time, the player is presented with multiple views of the play field.

The November 2016 launch date for the virtual reality starship command simulator Star Trek: Bridge Crew whooshed by like the USS Enterprise in the opening credits: You knew it was coming, and then in a blink, it was gone.

Star trek dating sim

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