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I think I mostly like it as much as I do because Nicky, and Alex are just so freaking adorable, and they make me laugh so freaking much. In this episode, it's the first time that both Danny, and D. Even though Hester is insane now, at least Lea can let her hotness fly!

"I think the timing is right for me to play this character." That character is 50-something Jimmy Martino, a handsome and suave restaurateur who discovers that he not only has a son from a previous relationship, but a granddaughter as well.

Sure, there are still some kinks to be worked out with the storytelling of the supporting characters, but there's no denying Stamo's charm, sharp comedic timing, or his heart-warming relationship with the Golfieri twins (who play granddaughter Edie)., there are numerous pictures from John's life on the walls of Jimmy's restaurant, some current, some from back in the day. It wasn't expensive, so I thought, "Fine, I'll put a bid in." It's not the original, but it's like the second—the original original was an old wooden one, but wasn't there in the '80s. I didn't answer because it didn't say "Michael Jackson calling." He left me a message and said, "Hey John, I dig your stuff." He asked about the sign and said, "I'm glad you have it; we should check out Disneyland together sometime." I remember I was on John: I grew up in Orange County, so it was 20 minutes away from me.

John Stamos, 52, has FINALLY unveiled his mystery woman!

After keeping their relationship on the hush hush, the couple have stepped out in public, and we have to say, John’s new partner in crime, Caitlin Mc Hugh, is one lucky lady!

The two both end up going to the same restaurant, and things get awkward when their dates leave with each other.

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