Speed dating travelling

by  |  11-Mar-2020 10:21

What I learnt at the speed dating bloggers event is that Instagram is king at these events.

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If dating at ground level has proved difficult, perhaps it’s time to set your relationship sights a bit higher. Like your mother, airlines and social entrepreneurs have taken an interest in your love life.

But thanks to social media, a handful of tech tools, and a high-security environment with few exits, they may actually be able to help you.

Know what you are and what you can offer and be able to explain this as precisely as possible.

The maximum time allotted per meeting is 5 minutes, though I found towards the end you had much less than this as people tried to talk to as many people as possible. I was the idiot that got distracted by her baby while packing and left her business cards on her bedside table.

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